Emperor Va-Taraq
Also known as
Son of the Sky
First Introduced
This person lived during the time of the Precursors.

Va-Taraq was a precursor and was the penultimate emperor of Karath-din. Ancient writings found in the underground city suggested that Va-Taraq was one of the most generous and kind emperors in Karath-din's history. During his reign, the precursors lived in harmony and prosperity. When he died, he was buried in a tomb filled with riches, and the people were in deep grief. His son, Va-Toran, who succeeded the throne, closed the colosseum for one year and one day in mourning.

Soon after Va-Taraq's death, tremors began to shake the city. The priests and citizens alike believed the earth to be crying out for her lost brother, but others in Karath-din, such as Master Ruitan, believed them to be the sign of something more serious.


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