Your Lady, an "angel"?
  — Master Willey Guard

Lady Van Vernon lives in Castle Van Vernon in southern Dayport. Her loyal archers watching the keep consider her, "A saint among mortal women. An angel so pure the heavens couldn't hold her!" But the guards of Master Willey accuser of being a whore, stating, "Your Lady, an 'angel?' You're lucky the Dockside whorekeeps aren't bashing down her door for stealing their clientele. Why, just last night, I saw her out back, warming up the stable-boy."[1]

In fact, the higher City Watch officials have evidence that she is indeed unfaithful to her husband. [2] They plan to blackmail her in order to get a good deal on weapons and armor for the Watch from Lord Van Vernon, who owns many factories. Lady Van Vernon was present along with her husband at the Mechanists Party at Angelwatch.[3]

She later went to the Wieldstrom Museum with her Husband.[4]


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