Viktoria †
TG CS06 08
Also known as
First Introduced
Thief: The Dark Project
Voiced by
Terri Brosius
My good thief.
  —  Viktoria's last words to Garrett.

Viktoria is a wood nymph who can change her outer appearance at will. Her true visage is of a humanoid shape with attractive facial features and green, bark-like skin. Her fingers can be extended into claws or vines and her blood is in the form of a viscous yellow-green sap. Although normally a fluent conversationalist, she may break off into the Pagan dialect in moments of rage.

In Thief: The Dark Project she is allied with the Trickster against Garrett and the rest of The City. Viktoria pretended to be human for a great deal of time in order to trick Garrett into retrieving the Eye for Constantine, who was actually the Trickster in disguise. They required a human eye in order to use the artifact, so she tore out one of Garrett's eyes and left him for dead.

After the death of the Trickster at the end of Thief: The Dark Project, the Metal Age began, producing a great threat to the entire Pagan faction. She allies herself with Garrett and they unweave Karras' deadly plot to destroy all living things in and around the City. Garrett and Viktoria form an alliance as they work together against Karras, but at the end of Thief II: The Metal Age Viktoria sacrifices herself in order to complete her plan for Karras' demise.


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