A magical Wand is a spellcasting device carried by elites of the three major factions encountered in TDS. All wands have two basic functions: an explosive ranged attack, and a support “blessing” to be cast upon allies. Although able to lift these powerful weapons from unwary opponents, Garrett cannot wield them and, once separated from the caster, they become mere junk items.


Pagan and Hammerite Wands Side by Side

Hammerite WandEdit

This item consists of a fiery-red gemstone clasped in a short metal handle. The priest uses it to cast ranged spells specific to the Order of the Hammer. Whether the wand is the source of this holy power or merely a conduit remains unknown.

Pagan WandEdit

The wands carried by most shaman are, in appearance, little more than gnarled twigs. In the case of one pagan necromancer, this is usurped by a more elaborate model, complete with leaf-green stone, that closely resembles the wands of other factions. The shaman’s wand has no known purpose outside of Pagan battle magic. Although Dyan is known to carry a staff of twisted vines, she is seen wielding an ordinary wand during gameplay.

Keeper WandEdit

Keeper Wand

Keeper Wands

Elders carry a type of wand almost identical to the Hammer priests’, but terminating instead in a “bubbly” pale-blue stone. Unlike other wands, these are powered by special glyphs, probably inscribed on them, which produce effects analogous to holy spells. If an elder drops his/her wand while invisible, it will remain invisible indefinitely.

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