TDS hammerite hammer

A typical Hammerite Warhammer, in TDS

A Warhammer is a large Hammer created for battle. The Hammerites forge many Warhammers, as they considered it a most sacred tool since it can be used to build as well as fight.


  • Thief: The Dark Project - Can be picked up and thrown, though not wielded. Hammers are heavy, and when thrown at enemies, it causes one point of damage per standing hit. With enough velocity however, even a blow from a short work-hammer can be lethal. Enemies react in pain, but do not investigate, because the attack does not "technically" come from the player. Unlike most weapons, Warhammers are blessed and can attack and destroy Undead enemies like Zombies.
  • Thief II: The Metal Age - The Warhammer is aesthetically different, but functions the same as Thief Gold's. Rarely seen, Haunts are also shown to wield these Hammers, most likely no-longer blessed.