A Metal Watcher

Watchers are a type of crude, yet brilliant, security camera used by the Mechanists. Watchers simply remain in place and scan a given area continuously, watching for any sign of intrusion.

The Mechanists created alliances with the City Watch and The City's nobility, to whom they sold their technology, in favor of support and, secretly, street scum from the Watch. Many guardsmen and police officers were concerned, to say the least, that their jobs would be replaced.[1][2]
T1 Periscope Eye

A Hammerite Eye

After the fall of Karras, the Turrets and Watchers fell out of favor with the City Watch and the Nobility.

The Hammerites had a crude periscope device that effectively functioned similarly to a Watcher. Two of these crude eyes hung outside the guard stations leading to the cell blocks of the infamous Cragscleft Prison. The Mechanists likely built upon the old technology.

Other names of the devices include:

  • Eyes of Karras
  • Watchful Eyes
  • Metal Faces
  • Eye Cameras
  • Eyes


The optimal way to eliminate a Watcher is to find a power source, usually nearby. Sometimes it is a switch a few feet away, and other times it is in a locked and secure room, some distance away. For the destruction of said devices are explosives, such as Fire Arrows and Mines, but method is very noisy, and can attract unwanted attention. The Watcher in Cragscleft Prison can be disabled with one Broadhead Arrow shot directly into its lens. Watchers in all Thief 2 missions can be blinded for a short time with a Flash Bomb. Every Watcher has one weakness: they cannot look under them, leaving a blind spot.

All Watchers have a small light hanging beneath them, indicating their current status. Normally this light is Green, but should they catch a momentary glimpse of Garrett, the Watcher will freeze in place and the light will turn Yellow. If they confirm his presence, the light will turn Red, and an alarm will go off.

While they typically lack any direct form of attack themselves, there are three ways in which they can nonetheless make life more difficult for an enterprising thief. Firstly, should they confirm Garretts presence, they will set off an alarm, sometimes localized, sometimes connected to a system alerting everyone in the building to his activities. Second, they sometimes may control a moving gate, and can block off avenues of escape. Finally, they may be connected to a Turret on standby, and will activate it should they detect Garrett.

It is worth noting that the only thing Watchers will react to is actually spotting Garrett. They cannot hear, nor will they react to corpses, blood, alerted enemies, etc. They will however, be able to detect any other type of undesireable persons (Thieves, Pagans, etc).

Behind the ScenesEdit

When a Watcher is destroyed, the game actually replaces the head with its broken variant along with debris. Look carefully, the destroyed head has shifted slightly compared to before it was destroyed.


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