The White Ward is a ill-defined section of the Shalebridge Cradle.


While most of the inner cradle, where the patients reside after the cradle becoming an asylum, is known as the 'White Hall', this also appears to be the White Ward. Lauryl is said to have died in the attic area of the asylum,[1] also stated as the attic is above the White Ward. But the attic area when visited in game, is in fact above reception.

Also, the Patients are referred to as 'White Hall patients'[2] yet the report on Lauryl's death refers to the 'no orphans near the white ward patient' as if only one patient is in the white ward.[3]

Despite there being no other 'ward' like area, it is possible the 'white ward' is in fact, the reception area referred to as 'the outer cradle' as Lauryl states the White Hall was for the really bad patients.[4]


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