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The Wieldstrom Museum


The Wieldstrom Museum is the location for the last mission in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Situated in the north of Auldale, it is one of the City's best museums for modern and ancient art.

The museum is run by Curator Milton, who oversees all operations therein. It is heavily defended by security personnel and huge portcullises. Museum guards wear uniforms of chain-mail with a purple insignia and purple berets. The three most valuable pieces, The Heart, The Crown, and The Eye, are additionally protected by electrical barriers, designed to electrocute anyone who gets too near. The museum was classed as "thief proof" in The City Chronicle after Morgan and Eddy Graham were killed by one of these devices.[1]

The building itself is very large and separated into three parts: the East Wing and West Wing of Porter Hall, and Tesero Hall. Each is filled will exotic loot items either donated or sold to the museum by the nobility and the occasional unknown benefactor.[2] A spacious courtyard separates the two halls.



The museum, viewed from Auldale

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