This small light emitting entity is only found in Pagan habitats in T2 and TDS. It can float several feet above the ground and emits a soft ringing tone. The T2 version, seen only in Trail of Blood, is brighter and more distinct than that of Deadly Shadows, which is commonplace in most Pagan sanctuaries.
TDS light willowisp

Will-o-the-Wisp in TDS


Will-o-the-Wisp in T2

The wisp's appearance is also different in each of the cutscenes. In TDP/TG, when Garrett hands over The Eye, a very small white will-o-the-wisp with a long smokey tail glides swiftly toward Constantine's hands. In the briefing for OM T2 Sabotage at Soulforge, three bright blue orbs converge into one. These wisps are larger and do not have tails, but sometimes leave a hazy blue cloud in their wake. The final cutscene for TDS shows a much larger wisp ambling among the treetops. It has a less definite shape and seems to break apart into a wide glowing trail. Despite looking radically different, a will-o-the-wisp can always be identified by its characteristic sound; a continuous hum, often accented by ringing bells.

Small blue clouds can also be seen around the Auldale Public Gardens. These are probably not real wisps, but stationary magic lights similar to those found in the Tree Beast habitat in Viktoria's Maw of Chaos.


Although resembling an Elemental, the Will-o-the-Wisp is not actually sentient. It follows a predetermined pattern and cannot be affected in any way. The Blackjack is useless, and not reccomended in T2, because the whisp will clang like metal when hit. Although it appears airy enough, the TDS wisp is actually a very dense solid capable of crushing people to death in certain situations. Although the maximum damage to Garrett is one hit point, it has been known on occasion to get him wedged between walls and small ledges. It is therefore not advisable to be in direct contact with a wisp in TDS.

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